There are numerous use cases of SmartID modules  in multiple industries limited only by imagination.

Some of our popular applications are presented below. Please contact us for your specific requirements. 

 Smart ID Engine intelligent OCR technology has enabled fin-tech organisations to optimise their customer experiences across the front desk, online and mobile spaces. By removing the need for any manual inputs , the solution minimises the time, effort and human error involved while ensuring procedures remain fully compliant and secure. The SmartID.Engine tool  also streamlines the ID verification  in loan application processes or other bank transactions , allowing customers to simply scan the relevant documents instead of entering data manually and minimising the time and effort involved.

The Smart Code Engine module, authenticates cards and barcodes and quickly captures the card number, expiry date, and cardholder name from any kind of card, including embossed and indented, in any position or light  in a fast and ingenious manner so far not available. Together with a 'liveness' check the whole process is completed within the app without leavig the device.  All necessary information is authenticated and correctly filled in a few seconds. 

Banking &Insurance

Government & Public Sector

SmartID and Document engines provide trusted document recognition and verification software  to meet the needs of police and immigration authorities worldwide. Enhanced document reading and data capture enables immigration officers or police on the move  to verify identities almost instantaneously through automated feedback from databases.  Smart ID Engine ensures they stay in line with the latest enhanced security measures, while guaranteeing the total protection of data in full compliance with strict regulatory requirements.

Data capture of car registration numbers while on the move enables the police to take instant decisions and also to automatically register violations or alert headquarters. 

Telecom Services

SmartID.Engine brings opportunities for telecom operators to provide a super-streamlined customer service and at the same time to reduce costs. Our greenOCR Smart ID Engine enables mobile operators to process and deliver and activate SIM cards, devices, and accessories using a completely automated purchasing system, in kiosks, dispensers or in-store. in an easy, convenient and swift manner while still following the regulatory requirements.  Customers simply need to display a government recognised ID to a smart camera or scanner of a device. Smart ID Engine automatically captures the necessary data in real-time and completes the required fields of an application form in less than two seconds. The same principle applies in physical stores, allowing sales assistants to issue a SIM card immediately simply by using just a tablet with a camera. This helps to significantly enhance the speed and quality of customer service. And as with all Smart Engines software, the whole process also remains highly secure. Personal ID verification is processed instantly within a device or server.  

A very large mobile operator with over 100 million subscribers has integrated Smart Engines recognition technology into its SIM vending kiosks located in-store and elsewhere to optimise the SIM purchase. In addition to a card reader, the SIM vending kiosks are equipped with two video cameras. The first one allows scanning the passport and prefill necessary data and the other one is placed above the screen, and serves for obtaining the image of customer’s face. The system then compares that image to the photo in the passport for verification purposes. Upon successful verification the customer is offered to choose a tariff and get his SIM card. The challenge of user verification was solved by seperated face recognition technologies developed at VisionLabs. 

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

Smart Engines OCR technology eliminates the need to manually enter data, transforming the customer experience within the, transportation,  hotel and tax-free shopping sectors. It provides speed and efficiency through automation with reduction in costs. 

Air /Rail Travel 

SmartID. Engine document recognition technology provides operators with tools for a smoother journey that begins long before passengers reach the airport, station or port. By integrating with their  iOS and Android apps, transport operators  are able to significantly speed up ticket purchasing and improve the all-important user experience. Passengers simply display their passport and credit card to the camera on their mobile device. SmartID.Engine detects the passport to automatically verifty and  extract data and prefill the required information fields. The Smart.Code.Engine module scans  MRZ information. Moreover, the same system is applied during check-in both, in self-check-in booths as well as at manned check-in counters. The same uncompromising level of efficiency and security applies for payments.

 Passengers simply display the bank card to a smartphone camera and  Smart.Code .Engine automatically verifies and enters card number, expiry date and cardholder name into the payment form – even for cards featuring a high level of protection.

As you would expect, the system incorporates the most stringent levels of security. Passports, MRZ, ID cards, driver’s licenses, barcodes and bank cards recognition takes place only on the device and in real-time, without the need to transfer data to external servers for processing.

SmartIDEngine's OCR technology transforms the booking and check-in process in hotels  by streamlining their procedures and enhancing the overall customer experience.  SmartID.Engine instantly captures guest information by scanning any passport with a machine-readable zone (MRZ) using a simple smartphone or tablet. Once scanned, the data is immediately entered into the hotel’s system, completely eliminating the need for manual entry.

Here is what Fareed Ahmad, CEO & Founder at HotelKey had to say: 

"Document recognition on mobile devices is revolutionary for the hotel industry. A partnership with Smart Engines has allowed us to deploy innovative advances in guests service, as well mobile self-service during booking and registration."

Tax-free shopping
Tax refunds have become standard in the global tourism industry. SmartCode Engine accelerates the data entry process by simply by the cashiers scanning the MRZ on customer's passport  with the camera of a smartphone or other device. The SmartID module in the app reads the document in real-time, captures and transfers the data to a printer via WiFi or Bluetooth. The entire process from scanning an ID document to producing the final receipt takes a mere three to five seconds.

Customised Solutions

VAT Refunds

Smart ID Engine automates the VAT refund process at airport terminals worldwide, meaning one less queue for passengers to endure avoiding long delays and frustration for tourists and increasing the productivity of staff.  The customer simply displays a passport to the camera of a mobile device and Smart ID Engine automatically recognises and extracts the data necessary to complete the application in less than two seconds. In doing so, it completely frees busy airport staff from the need to enter data manually. With the capability to recognise documents from a video stream and images, this highly advanced, highly secure software extracts data and performs calculations directly on the device, offline and in real-time – with no cloud or external server required.

Consumer Survey

Philip Morris International (PMI) is using identity document capture technology developed by Smart Engines in its mobile survey application.

Bytcaps/Smart Engines SDK helps the PMI’s survey app collect personal data of the respondents. Prior to the introduction of automatic recognition technology, the data from the identity documents of the participants was being collected manually. Now, the users are offered to scan the identity document with the camera of their device; in 1-3 seconds all the necessary information gets automatically extracted and entered into the relevant fields of the application form.

The recognition process is carried out in a video stream in real time without transferring the images to external servers for processing. The software works equally well on quality high end devices, and regular smartphones equipped with an average low resolution camera. The integration of Smart Engines recognition libraries has been carried out by Itella Connexions — developers of iOS application for PMI.

Real Estate

Bytcaps/Smart Engines OCR is supporting the success of a new generation of online-based real estate agencies– making it possible to purchase a new apartment in just minutes. The integrated Smart Engines recognition software in the agency's purchasing app automates the entire process. All buyer-seller interactions can now be performed online together with a seperate secure document signature services for the legal agreements. 

It means users can browse and buy high quality apartments in minutes without even having to leave their homes. After selecting an apartment, customers simply scan their passport. Smart ID Engine automatically captures the necessary information and completes the online application form. Once submitted, the data is then analysed and on-line credit check is completed before the customer receives the purchase contract.

The process is highly secure, with all personal information processed directly on the user’s device and never transferred to third parties or external servers.

System Integrators

Bytcaps identity verification software is the natural choice for system integrators who wish to ensure their customers remain at the forefront of computer vision and digital transformation and data privacy while ensuring environmental protection. For example, integrating Smart Engines document recognition technology in mobile applications significantly cuts down the time wasted on data entry to a mere one or two seconds. Users need only display a ID card or a passport in front of their smartphone camera, and the relevant data is automatically entered into the appropriate fields for further processing.

Case study: S&T

Leading systems integrator in Romania working in B2B and B2G sectors, S&T Romania, have chosen document recognition technologies in mobile applications, developed by specialists from Bytcaps/Smart Engines. S&T Romania is a subsidiary of S&T System Integration and Technology Distribution AG, a corporation based in Austria. The company’s activities include software development, consulting, projects management and technical support for customers.

A High Quality MRZ Reader - As part of the scope of the project led by S&T Romania, Smart Engines delivered the high-quality machine-readable zone (MRZ) recognition solution for Android mobile devices to be used by more than 20 000 agents. The mrz engine reduces the time for data entry. The user only needs to show the MRZ document zone to the smartphone’s camera. After that the recognized data is entered automatically in appropriate fields of the application for further processing. The integration of Smart Engines’ recognition technology into the mobile application reduced the time needed to enter the personal data down to 1-2 seconds while maintaining data privacy and protection. 

Compliance with legal age limits 

Age verification is an integral part of the grocery sales and gambling industry both on-line as well as off-line. Many countries have implemented legal restrictions to prevent purchases of age-barred items. This means it is mandatory for trade to be extra vigilant in sales of products with age restrictions as  it can cost the seller an administrative penalty and a severe fine, inspections and even the closure of a retail outlet. 

Remote age verification becomes particularly relevant in on-line sales or when purchasing goods through vending machines or self-service kiosks which have been placed in many shopping malls.

Smart.ID.Engine software is  an ideal way to automate the age verification process  at store check out points based on computer vision technology  All that is required is to install a simple camera and document recognition software in the terminal. In order to confirm the age, the buyer will have to present the main passport page or any other ID to the terminal camera for a few seconds. The system itself will recognize the required date-of-birth field and issue permission for the purchase or decline it. The document will be also checked for signs of forgery. Other fields with personal data won’t be recognized in order not to violate confidentiality. In order not to voilate basic human rights and freedoms, the recognition system on the terminal  does not store any data in the system nor transmit to third-party servers. Smart ID.Engine technology allows you to install software on devices with minimal processing power. It means that additional terminal upgrades and installation of any devices that increase the power of the equipment will not be required. The whole recognition process will be run directly on the device in offline mode without network data transmission.

For online age verification in countries where online sales and delivery of alcohol, cigarettes and age-restricted goods are allowed, sellers and shops that work through popular trading platforms such as eBay, Amazon and Shopify or directly the responsibility for compliance lies with the seller and buyer. 

It is insufficient for the buyer to press the button “I am over 18 years old (21 years old)”. Documentary proof is required, it can be a passport or other ID which can help to determine whether the buyer complies with the age requirements or not. At the same time, the buyer’s documentary age verification and the process itself must be extremely secure in order to prevent the leakage of personal data. The age verification module can be integrated into the seller's  client applications. Various methods are used when purchasing products with age restrictions. The most effective and precise method is remote identification by passport. To confirm the age, the buyer has to place the passport or ID page with the date of birth. The system will automatically find the field, extract data and perform verification. To exclude the possibility of using someone else’s ID, the system will ask the buyer to take a photo of him/herself and compare the image of the passport holder on the photo and on the received photo. In order to check whether the photo was taken by a real person, the buyer may be required to make a movement of the head, eyes, blink or look at the point specified by the app.