Our products are built on an our unique AI + Smart OCR p[atform to produce the fastest and most accurate ID recognition & verification , data extraction and process automation solutions with an built-in library of more than 1800 government issued documents (full list) in 102 different scripts for a completely autonomous function.  Our SDK modules are easy to integrate into mobile or server applications and can be customised to your specific application needs.  Developed by one of the best R&D teams in the business, our products truly stand apart in performance. 

Smart Code Engine

AI Software for recognition of  bank cards, MRZ, barcodes all standards

Smart Code Engine is an SDK for extracting data from bank cards; 1D and 2D barcodes (QR codes, AZTEC, PDF417, DataMatrix, EAN, UPC and others); MRZ codes on ID cards, passports, visas; vehicle license plates; as well as for scanning price tags, labels and VIN numbers. The solution performs data recognition from single images (scans, photos) and in a real-time video stream. Smart Code Engine can be used on devices with limited processing power, including smartphones, tablets, mobile terminals (e.g. cash registers), thin clients, as well as on any kind of servers and PCs.


SDK works perfectly in poor lighting conditions and on-the-go. The user does not need to focus on the image and hold a smartphone at a certain angle during recognition. AI-based software does everything autonomously and automatically.


Data is NOT transferred to Smart Engines, third-party services and third parties for manual or other processing. Data is NOT saved, and internet access is NOT required — the recognition process is performed only on the user’s device and on-premises. The technology fully complies with the requirements of the international law (GDPR, CCPA) in the field of personal data processing.


Read more about scanning credit cards, scanning barcodes and scanning MRZ.

Smart ID Engine

Fast, accurate and secure AI supported data scanning SDK for ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses

Smart ID Engine is a comprehensive tool for automatic ID scanning with document authentication, data consistency checking, and face matching of over 1810 types of ID documents from 210 issues worldwide. The SDK supports id cards, passports, drivers licenses, visas, and residence permits of the countries of the: European Union, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), South, Central, and North America, Australia, Oceania and New Zealand, of the Middle and the Far East countries, Asia countries, and Africa. Smart ID Engine automatically identifies the type of scanned ID document, performs OCR of its text fields on 100+ languages(Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and many others are supported), recognizes barcodes, extracts photo, signature, and graphics zones. Automatically checks data integrity, verifies the validity of a document, and makes face verification autonomous in mobile applications for Android or iOS; desktop applications for Windows, Linux, and macOS; web applications or server-based solutions.

Extra Privacy & Data  Protection

SmartID Engine is a GDPR and CCPA compliant software that does NOT transfer client personal data to third-party services for processing; does NOT require an internet connection and does NOT save or store any data. The software works autonomously on end-user devices: mobile phones, tablets, smart cameras, terminals, as well as desktops and servers.

Smart Document Engine

Automatically extract and fill data from business and office documents

High-performance software for automatic classification, recognition and analysis of documents and forms. The system helps to automate document management workflows and optimize document entry processes. Smart Document Engine quickly and securely scans and extracts the required data from various document types — standard and reporting forms, primary, business, statutory, financial, notarial, legal, insurance and banking documents, as well as standard questionnaires.

Easy Point & Click data Extraction

Smart Document Engine GreenOCR technology allows mobile phone scannig of  document streams just as a specialized document scanner with a capacity of up to 30 pages per minute,  while ensuring high quality plus best text recognition, and other document data accuracy. Thus, the recognition of a full-page tax certificate on Galaxy S10 takes less than 3 seconds.

The most important feature of Smart Document Engine is the ability to create customised work-flow solutions for automatic processing, classification, recognition and analysis of documents and forms of various complexities.  High-performance and accurate document automation solutions reduces operational costs and processing errors, while enhancing data security. 

More Customer Satisfication ! 

All  Smart Engine processes work autonomously within a user device– data is NOT transferred to servers, is NOT saved or stored and NO internet access is required. 

With our proprietory technology, users do not need to spend time and trie to properly align their device camera with the card or document– our algorithms can easily detect , even if not all edges are visible.