The new gold standard Smart OCR platform for digital identity proofing and strong customer authentication. Unique  on-device ID validation and automated information capture technology. Super fast  mobile ID verification and unbeatable data privacy.

Swift and easy remote customer on-boarding and transaction  experience while satisfying the KYC and AML  regulations. 

In-built template library of over 1800 government IDs from 200+ countries (see the full list here) in 101 languages and scripts.  

Total fraud prevention, data security and data privacy. No data transfer required to complete the verification.

SmartID recognition SDK is a GDPR and CCPA compliant solution.

Privacy& Data Protection

Our SmartID.Engine solutions are designed to ensure data privacy and data security.

Our offline capture technology means that all processing happens only on the user device. Personal Data is NOT transmitted, NOT stored, Internet access is NOT required, and data processing is performed in the RAM. This “rule of three NOTs” ensures a high security level for our clients. This is confirmed by an independent international audit.


Powered by proprietory GreenOCR algorithms

Developed in keeping with the responsible AI doctrine  initiative, our GreenOCR technology provides superior recognition quality and speed with minimal power consumption and environmental impact.

 We bring values to our customers while reducing the carbon footprint.

Fast, Secure & Accurate

Our proprietory 4-bit and 8-bit deep neural networking architecture  produces lightweight and robust computer vision software.

We decode information designed for machine recognition with exceptional precision and speed. The use of computational geometry, anytime algorithms, and hash codes to store templates  results in secure and autonomous recognition and verification even in low light or excessive light conditions and at any camera angle.